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Why advertisers favor outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising charm: why advertisers favor outdoor advertising?

In the 21st century, the new media era allows advertisements to spread in every corner, looking up and down, where the eyes can see is the advertisements. Advertising is also divided into many types: online advertising, offline advertising, television advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising and more. Why advertisers prefer outdoor advertising?

Easy to accept
According to authoritative ASA British Bureau of Advertising Standards survey: the public for the outdoor advertising is a very positive attitude. And highlight the fact that: If the ads are imposed on consumers, then consumers for this form of advertising is quite a strong exclusion, then the end result will be very negative. This attractiveness of outdoor media cannot be compared with other media.

Everyone on the go must have access to outdoor advertising. You do not need to turn on the TV, radio, open newspaper and magazines, or visit the site to see the ads, outdoor is fixed, as long as you go out to see, it is there, do not come and go, with irresistible.

Diversity of forms
Train station ads, bus shelters ads, parking barriers ads, bus ads, taxi, wall ads, subway ads, three-turn ads, advertising in the square center, electronic display, shopping malls advertising screen, etc., in various forms. Therefore, when consumers get out of their home can be affected, and then generate consumer behavior.

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Visual impact
Generally, outdoor advertising screen is generally relatively large, with a very strong visual impact, especially those installed in large shopping centers, CBD centers, and other walls LED large screen, the highway overpass, and single column so that each a passing person cannot be ignored, and even stopped to watch.

Super adaptability
Outdoor advertising, as a medium for communicating information, cannot be compared with other forms of media. Advertisers are increasingly relying on outdoor advertising to quickly reach a large number of target audiences. As a result, outdoor advertising can accurately and efficiently deliver advertising messages to specific groups of people in a particular geographic location.

Post persistence
The general outdoor media is released on a seven-day cycle. They stand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a feature that makes it easier for them to get into the audience’s eye and easily sees it, so it takes more time with the client’s needs.


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