High Quality Self Adhesive Vinyl

How To Identify High Quality Self Adhesive Vinyl?

1. High quality self adhesive vinyl should have good thermal insulation. Can not see from the surface, either by hand. But you can use a simple method to identify: use the self adhesive vinyl wrap the bulb, and then light the bulb, overheating is not a good self adhesive vinyl.

2. Self adhesive vinyl ripped by hand, and then adhesive with the back paper together again, if appear a lot of bubbles, and the body paste is very wrinkle, you can think of this self adhesive vinyl is not good material. On the contrary it can be regarded as high quality self adhesive vinyl.

3. High quality adhesive vinyl under the light should have good clarity. No matter how the color of the film, at high quality self adhesive vinyl clarity should be more than 6 meters, if the self adhesive vinyl looks hazy, can be considered as poor quality material.

4. Long-lasting preservation of the color of the picture, which is a feature of premium self adhesive vinyl. high quality self adhesive vinyl on the ink compatibility is very good, the surface does not appear dew or whitish phenomenon, the ink does not spread out; the use of time is long, the same color; if there are some external forces acting on the self adhesive vinyl surface the color will not fall out. The poor quality of the film is exactly the opposite.

5. High-quality self adhesive vinyl with your hands can feel it. Soft texture, the surface is smooth and strong. The inferior self adhesive vinyl wrinkles, the surface material is very brittle.

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