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26th Shanghai Int’l AD & Sign Exhibition

See SUNTONE at 3H-C1812 The 26th Shanghai International AD & Sign Technology & Equipment Exhibition will be held in National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai) On 28th.-31st. March 2018. As a professional supplier of digital printing materials, SUNTONE will attend it as always. SUNTONE’s mission is “Continuous innovation of the printing material research and development base”, which incarnates […]

3 Factors Affect The Quality Of Printing (You Will Usually Ignore)

Printing machine is very expensive and sophisticated, especially the nozzle, printing directly to the supplies, exposed to work outside. If the working environment is poor, dusty, the small nozzle is very easy to be blocked by dust. If the indoor temperature is too high, the printer’s mechanical parts and nozzles are easily corroded. If the […]

Why advertisers favor outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising charm: why advertisers favor outdoor advertising? In the 21st century, the new media era allows advertisements to spread in every corner, looking up and down, where the eyes can see is the advertisements. Advertising is also divided into many types: online advertising, offline advertising, television advertising, newspaper advertising, outdoor advertising and more. Why […]

How To Identify High Quality Self Adhesive Vinyl?

1. High quality self adhesive vinyl should have good thermal insulation. Can not see from the surface, either by hand. But you can use a simple method to identify: use the self adhesive vinyl wrap the bulb, and then light the bulb, overheating is not a good self adhesive vinyl. 2. Self adhesive vinyl ripped […]

How To Use Cold Lamination Film in Winter?

The cold laminating film is the most commonly used advertising printing material. In the winter temperature changes, the material itself, glue, equipment, the nozzle will be some small changes, usually, we need more attention, sum up some tips for the production, so you can guarantee the normal graphic print and print quality. The following is a […]

Window Vinyl Decal Applications

Window graphic is a great opportunity to expand advertising and promote products. From small images to the entire image, to meet the needs of different consumer choice. Advertising Application Vehicle Window Decals For the vehicle advertising, we usually think of is the body advertising, but the window part of the blank area is also can […]

Wraps Not Only For Car

Keep your eye beyond the traditional application, in order to make business expansion and growth. When you hear the word wrapped, the first thing that emerges in your mind is the wrap for cars. Although it takes up a lot of the market, there are opportunities in the market outside the cars, they can help your […]