Self Adhesive Vinyl also name: PVC Vinyl Sticker, Self Adhesive Sticker, it is made of PVC film, glue and backing paper. Self adhesive vinyl is a flexible and versatile material that can be used to make eye-catching signs and logos for business.
SunTone Self Adhesive Vinyl is ideal for numerous signage projects and vehicle livery. It has good weather fastness, ink absorption, and is very easy for application, widely used in indoor and outdoor signage, the point of sale, vehicle advertising, vehicle wrapped, signs, etc.
Customize self adhesive vinyl is available.

removable self adhesive vinyl

Removable Self Adhesive Vinyl

Removable self adhesive vinyl with a grey, removable adhesive for use indoors or outdoors. Suitable for short or medium term graphics, applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces, or where ease of removal or concern for the mounting substrate may be considerations. Easy to cut, self-adhesive, and removable.

bubble free adhesive vinyl

Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl

Bubble free self adhesive vinyl, the PVC film was embossed before the glue applied. The main advantage is to make easier application, the bubble inside can be easily moved.
Bubble free vinyl which is easy to apply due to the adhesive air release channels, so is great for applying to existing panels and any other flat surface.

high tack self adhesive vinyl

High Tack Self Adhesive Vinyl

High tack self adhesive vinyl is perfectly suited to adhere to low energy surfaces, or surfaces that would otherwise be tricky to adhere to, such as sports equipment or rough walls where the bonding isn’t perfect. It is made for easy application and is suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

polymeric self adhesive vinyl

Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

Polymeric self adhesive vinyl is premier self adhesive vinyl. Polymeric PVC makes it has better ductility, more durable in outdoor weather, longer lifespan, good stretching characteristic.

monomeric self adhesive vinyl

Monomeric Self Adhesive Vinyl

Monomeric self adhesive vinyl designed to be used for short-term or medium term outdoor application. Can be used on a variety of application from windows to flat surfaces.
It is a good choice for all round everyday vinyl prints.