One way vision film (also known as one way sticker, one side vision.) is a printing material, punching holes on self-adhesive materials, using pinhole imaging principle to achieve an amazing perspective effect.
It’s a digital printable white/black perforated calendered vinyl film, for use in a wide range of promotional window graphics applications where one way vision, removability is required. Used on the vehicle for uninterrupted vehicle graphics covering painted, and window areas and large size graphics on building windows that still provide sufficient interior daylight and exterior viewing.
One way vision film can be printed with colorful signs and decoration which can only be seen from one side of the glass. The printed films can be applied to windows, doors or internal partitions to add color, branding, advertising.
Customization and OEM service for one way vision film is available.

perforated vinyl

Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl to dress up any storefront or office window with business advertising or decor. Perforated vinyl window decals appear opaque from the outside, but allow visibility from the inside. With specially-designed micropunctures on 20%~50% of the film, perforated vinyl achieve a unique one way appearance that really makes an impact.

one way window film

One Way Window Film

With one way window film, you can see out, they can’t see in.
One way window film has a lot of advantages, to helping add color, branding, advertising on the window.
One way window film is the most popular film that applied to the window, For different one way window film, we can offer 20/30/40/50 perforated ratio.