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Window Vinyl Decal Applications

Window graphic is a great opportunity to expand advertising and promote products. From small images to the entire image, to meet the needs of different consumer choice.

Advertising Application

Vehicle Window Decals

For the vehicle advertising, we usually think of is the body advertising, but the window part of the blank area is also can not be ignored. Expanding the text on the window provides an excellent opportunity to expand your ads.
For most of the vehicle wraps, perforated window decals can not only expand the advertising area, display design elements but also ensure that drivers and passengers can see the situation out of the window. The perforated decal, which is often used, is a 50/50 membrane, with 50% printed vinyl and 50% perforated (small hole). For the image design of the perforated decal of the vehicle, it is necessary to pay attention to the small text and the details, it may be caught in the hole and cause the information to be lost. The advertisement is the best to choose the larger size and bright color printing.
As the perforation caused by light reflection weakened, the image color will be darker than the adjacent location, such decals require image contrast increased by 10% -20% as compensation. If the customer requests to block the windows, we will use ordinary decals.

Shop perforated window decals

Perforated window decals another effective usage is in the store, to meet both on the door or window advertising, and without affecting the visibility of doors and windows. According to the requirements, the perforated decal has many different options, adjust the number of holes can change the print area ratio.

Other types window decals

In addition to the perforated decal, the glass in front of the store, the inside of the space and the P.O.P show there still have many other optional decals. Such as opaque decals, frosted decals, clear decals, etc.. Some decals can be classified as decorative areas, will attract customers eyes, the creation of advertising is very favorable.
Retail shops’ window posted decals is great for advertising, for business development, the effect is better than trademarks, business cards and so on.

Application advantages

Easy to install

At present, the decals installation process is very simple, customers can do it by themselves, both convenient and save installation costs.

Strong decorative

Window decal has a very good interior decoration effect. Some of the main functions of the window decals are decorative, while other window decals are mainly used to consider safety or control the light.

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